The dynamic duo, Solis White and Evita Colon, are the proud owners of the state’s only black-owned winery located in Lancaster. Their love of wine and literature serve as the roots of their business and has blossomed into A Concrete Rose Book Bar. The inspiration for its namesake is from Tupac Shakur’s poem “The Rose that Grew from Concrete” which in turn stems from White and Colon’s struggles of growing up. Colon is a writer and poet and White is a dancer and choreographer and are avid wine lovers.

On June 15 they created a GoFundMe campaign for additional funds to get their book bar up and running. Within a week of announcing the campaign, the duo has already cleared nearly $10,500 of the $25,000 total. Though COVID-19 has pushed back a planned opening from 2020 to early 2021, a location has yet to be announced

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