dear black people

We are facing one of the world’s worst catastrophic disasters in history. Unfortunately, for black people in the U.S., we will absorb the Depression even worse than the rest of the general population. Black people have historically had double the rate of unemployment that their white counterparts have. If jobs are gone, its time to make new ones.

The time to act is now! Because the economy has broken down, there will be new opportunities to create companies that can be embedded in the vitality of the economy. If black people create an economic infrastructure comprised of industries that aren’t traditionally operated in by our community but that are essential to the overall U.S. economy, we will start to see significant gains.

Dear Black People, is an address to the black community and allies who see what is coming on the horizon. If you are blessed to have a college degree or special skills, it is incredibly important that you help someone from your community. In the following weeks, we plan to release detailed actionable plans to help build this national transgenerational coalition of black leaders and businesses.

Stay tuned…

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