Here are six of the most popular Black-owned nail polish brands:

#1 – Adore Her Nails: Former model turned nail lacquer enthusiast, Devorne Love, created this eye-catching and affordable line that also has a fun and flirty appeal.

#2 – Polish and Company: From cosmologist and nail expert, Theresa Williamson, this brand was created for the beauty bombshell with the aesthetics of a Southern belle.

#3 – Lisa Nail Lacquer: Created by Lisa Wilson, a beauty editor who has worked at some of the top fashion magazines in NYC, this line of nail polish is cruelty free, non-toxic, but features some very vibrant colors. Her chip-resistant, high quality formula is definitely tried and true

#4 – Ginger + Liz: Created by Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett, this line is heavily influenced by arts, travel, entertainment and especially the Classic Chic, Modern Luxe, Bohemian Hipster, and Rock Glam fashion driven lifestyles.

#5 – Bernadette Thompson Nail Care and Color: Created by Bernadette Thompson, a trend-setting nail artist, this line gives a seasonal presentation of slick, sophisticated, fun colors that literally put the latest fashion trends on women’s finger tips.

#6 – Pear Nova: This Black-owned nail polish brand wraps the texture of lux fabrics into subtle hues of lacquer. The collection is made up of all creme polishes with an aura of silk and leather. All their products are cruelty free and vegan friendly

source: blackbusiness

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