If you’re ever out in Chi-town and need your hair done, check out these salons below:

  1. EssenceVIP Hair Designers http://www.essencevip.com
  2. Huetiful Salon http://huetifulsalon.com/
  3. Natural Hair Bar https://www.naturalhairbar.com/
  4. Jessi Dean Salon
  5. Hair by Anais http://tifanyanais.wix.com/stylistnameoneveryoneslips
  6. Time Hair Gallery https://www.timehairgallery.com/
  7. Fabulous Hair and Weave Salon https://fabulous-hair-and-weave-salon.business.site/
  8. Salon Pressure http://www.salonpressure.com/
  9. Twisted Roots Salon https://www.twistedrootssaloninc.com/
  10. Natural Beauty Couture https://www.styleseat.com/m/v/rasheedabibbs

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