Everyone knows St. Patrick’s Day is all about the Irish, corned beef, and drinks, HOWEVER…This St. Patty’s Day was the most lit on high with no leprechaun on site!  Last Saturday, the Philadelphia-based mobile app company, Katika, launched their Inaugural Black Bar Crawl in West Philadelphia. Tickets were sold out in a matter of days, on top of a ticket giveaway on the radio station WURD 900AM in which three lucky winners won!  Four black-owned venues participated in the bar crawl:  New Tavern Restaurant & Bar, Booker’s Bar & Restaurant, Dahlak Restaurant, and Level 38 Bar.

The impact on just that day, in ONLY 6 hours, was estimated to be over $20,000–an economic stimulus to that part of the city! The founder Jason M. Coles stated that, “The importance of the event is to showcase how each of the businesses that we used, a screen printing company, security, videographer, photographers, DJs, and the venues themselves could all be found using the Katika mobile app which connects users to black-owned services and products.” Katika plans to do more events throughout the year including a Philly Tech Week 2019 event.  The Katika Black Bar Crawl will occur again in a few weeks with different partners and venues in order to continue to spread the message of our platform which makes it easier for you to direct your dollars in our communities.



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